Ballroom dancing should be fun but artful, and my students learn how to display grace and poise in a social dancing setting which is a delight for them and for others.  My emphasis on ballroom dancing has been to provide affordable and quality instruction which brings confidence and enjoyment. 

Regular application of basic principles produces elegance and personal style.  

Learning new dances and steps or perfecting technique is like building artistic and athletic wealth: each step builds upon what has gone before through practice and reinforcement. 

A beneficial byproduct of the experience is a stronger body and mind and a richer sense of teamwork with your partner and friends.  

Group lessons as well as a customized dance program for each individual student's needs are offered.

Whether you are preparing for a wedding,social event, or just looking for a fun way to exercise and meet new friends, we will help you achieve your goals with precision and fun. 

Let us enjoy a lifelong journey of learning how to express the character of each dance while interpreting beautiful music with movement and flair.

More advanced levels of group ballroom dance lesson is also available. Contact me to learn opportunities to enjoy ballroom dance parties in eastern North Carolina.
Click Wedding Dance for customized first dance choreograph and music consultation.

Learn Ballroom Dance    

​Waltz, Tango, Foxtrot, Rumba, ChaCha, East Coast Swing,

Mambo, Samba, Two-Step, Viennese Waltz, Salsa,

Night Club Two-Step, Country Western, West Coast Swing

Quick Step......

 Location: CSM @ 911 Bremerton Drive, Greenville NC 27858

Beginner    or    Beginner + for the four-week session= $70 for couple $50 for single $20 per lesson for walk-ins
Intermediate or Advance level - private lessons only Private lesson $60 Semi Private up to 2 couples $60 per hour   Mark Your Calendar      The Greenville Chapter of USA Dance on the fourth Saturday every month at Drew Steels. Center.  Visit: Click for Contact for questions and to receive more dance information.

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