Instructor:   Chikako Massey

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Phone:   252-414-8325


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Chikako Massey Bio:

Chikako has studied ballroom dance under former USA champions in Wisconsin and Illinois.  She is an avid social dancer with a broad repertoire, emphasizing refined technique and artistry. 

A trained athlete and award winner in international business who puts the same level of tenacity and passion into ballroom dancing and teaching.   

Chikako believes her passion on dancing attributes to her gene: i.e., her family produced a national level ballroom dancers and athletes.

Her students learn how to gain confidence on the dance floor and ability to listen to and appreciate various music... from big band, classic, pop, rock, country, and even rap.   More importantly, how to create beauty and elegance by motion while having fun.   

Her wedding dance students often receive standing ovation.  This is because most of first dance is boring continuous sway sway for as long as 5 minutes and this is what audience expects.    However, choreograph she works on is catered to students desire, dance background, availability for the lesson and practice and ability to dance.  From the simplest to the most sophisticated exquisite move, she is able to work with any couple.    

She advocates that ballroom dancing is a social art and is all about sharing fun.   To share fun, she served as President of Greenville Chapter of USA Dance (formerly known as United States of Amateur Ballroom Dance Association) and is a recipient of "Volunteer of the Year 2012" award by the national organization.